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VS-70 XX Portable Single Gas Detector

VS-70 portable single gas detector can make detection to combustible and toxic gases.It is suitable for combustible and toxic gas leakage detection in underground pipe or mines, and keeps the workers safe, prevents the facilities from being destroyed.

The portable single gas detector, adopting excellent-quality sensor, makes detection in the way of natural diffusion. It has good sensitivity and reproducibility. This single gas detector adopts embedded MCU controller, easy to operate.

It adopts special high strength material and anti-smooth rubber, with the characters of water-proof and dust-proof.We are currently glad to declare the single gas detector is the designer's decision for the individual gas screen, with unequaled recognition unwavering quality and multi-year battery life. The locator has no upkeep cost, as you never need to change or adjust the finder. An easy to utilize one-button, expendable single gas compact with zero-upkeep.

Improve Safety – Always On, Always Ready – No Need to Charge

Perhaps the greatest reason for a wellbeing and security mistake nearby is with customary versatile indicators, you may discover they are not charged and prepared when you need them. Our scope of GasClip versatile gas identifiers has tackled this issue. When you turn on the indicator you will never need to turn it off or charge it. This component improves site wellbeing, as your workforce is never found napping with a convention that has not been charged. Improved wellbeing at no additional expense.

Customization Options – You can completely modify the showcase, with an architect's name or site zone grouping and so forth. This takes into account simple distinguishing proof of the versatile gas indicator and full information logging and improved responsibility, with the personalization on the spared logs.

Key Features of the Portable Single-Gas Detector:

Unparalleled sensor unwavering quality for H2S, CO or O2

Ongoing gas perusing or constant battery life perusing.

The customizable alert set focuses.

Never need to adjust – No concealed upkeep costs like current portables available

multi-year battery life

Straightforward one button activity

Never need to turn it off

Knock Check affirmation/distinguishing proof

Worked in vibration caution

Lightweight and very tough

Little enough to be cut onto a Hard-Hat, shirt pocket, shoulder lash or belt

customizable show – can modify it for a specialists name or site region recognizable proof

Sensors accessible for the Single Gas Monitor:

Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Oxygen (O2)

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)

Accessible sensor types include:

Infra-Red (IR)


Gases recognized include:




Combustible LEL