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VM-4 AS Portable Multi Gas Detector

This gas detector is structured explicitly for examining and observing bound spaces when passage. It profits by unrivaled sensor innovation, permeability on gas readings, solace, and network – even in most extraordinary working conditions. PORTABLE MULTI GAS DETECTOR all the while recognizes the four gases you're required to screen in kept spaces. In addition, there is a fifth sensor for your preferred gas. Along these lines, you can include a fifth-degree of insurance for your restricted space sections.

Highlights and Benefits

Huge, simple to-see screen

Improved situational mindfulness for the gap observe

The new 1-Series sensor for upgraded unwavering quality

Remote checking for an extra layer of security.

Fast Specifications

Elevated expectations of sensor quality and dependability

Repeatable execution without irritation cautions – even in most extraordinary conditions

Expected lifetime for sensors: as long as five years.

Item accessibility will be discharged soon. Meanwhile, kindly contact your neighborhood salesperson.